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Life Begins at 50

​When Hui-Ling was in her late 40s, she decided that "Life begins at 50". The Great Chinese philosopher Confucius said "Life begins at 70", but Hui-Ling wanted to start at 50. So, she went home to Taiwan for her 50th birthday in March, 2017 to thank her parents in person. Then she went back again in October that year for her parents' birthdays. Her plan was to take them traveling around Taiwan. The day she arrived home, her dad went into the hospital. A few weeks later her mom was also admitted to the hospital. The family was told that mom only had one month to live. Hui-Ling extended her stay so she could be with her parents in the hospital. It looked like her life was on pause from the surface, but deep inside there was suppressed energy that started to push its way out. She remained strong outside but her body was suffering. Suddenly, her parents, especially her mom and her health were all in danger. During that time in the hospital, Hui-Ling came across Dr. Sue Morter's YouTube channel. Dr. Sue’s authenticity and teachings resonated with Hui-Ling very much. She knew in her heart that she would meet Dr. Sue in person someday. On 2/7/2019, Hui-Ling met Dr. Sue in person for the first time at Dr. Sue's winter Healing retreat in Evergreen Colorado. That day was also Hui-Ling's daughter, Joy’s 14th birthday. Hui-Ling knew she had to be there not only for herself but also for Joy and for her mom. 


Watching her mom suffer physically and emotionally at the end of her life was a wake-up call for Hui-Ling. That experience was in essence also a gift that saved Hui-Ling's health and her relationships with all things. Hui-Ling was asking for a second chance from Life. Dr. Sue’s life’s work, the Energy Codes® and BodyAwake® Yoga, have helped Hui-Ling continue to integrate what she has already known to be truth but has forgotten. The Energy Codes® and BodyAwake® Yoga practices provide Hui-Ling tools to embody the knowing she started to remember again. “I am the creator of my life” is no longer just a nice concept and synchronicity, it is now the norm in her life.   

It's been a joyful ride since Hui-Ling met Dr. Sue in February, 2019. Her vitality is back. Her relationship with all things in life continue to evolve with love. She is very grateful and can't help but share Dr. Sue's teachings to those who come across her path. She would like you to know that you don't have to wait until you are 50 or 70 to begin your life. Just simply "begin again" as her teacher Dr. Sue would say. 

Hui-Ling is also very grateful for those who showed her the way before she met Dr. Sue especially the following three teachers. Cheyenne Luzader who opened the door of the Energy Medicine for her in 1994 when she first came to the US. Grandfather Sam Thomas who taught her the Native American way of living that changed her way of seeing the world around her. Ms. Qihui Deng who introduced Hui-Ling to the world of Taiji and Qigong in the late 90s.  

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Hui-Ling's Approach

The Energy Codes® is not a theory; it is a Manual for life, a Manual for a joyful and peaceful life. It is a system that is bridging Quantum science and spirituality. There are step by step instructions which are easy for anyone to follow.

BodyAwake® Yoga infuses The Energy Codes® principles and practices with ancient yogic philosophy, creating a powerful practice that helps to dissolve the illusion of the protective personality and allow for the true expression of the essential self to shine through.

The body reveals short-circuited neurological patterns as a result of unresolved subconscious emotional issues, affecting all systems required for health and wholeness. Those patterns can be demonstrated as tight muscles, dysfunctional organs or glands, emotional stress, or depression type reactions. By accessing areas of the brain through a pressure point type therapy, that is, touching certain points around the head and body in a specific sequence, while having you think about certain memory stresses, the body begins to reconnect the circuitry with the brain.

Clinical experience has shown that by stimulating these specific pressure points as part of the B.E.S.T. procedure, your body can not only begin to feel better, but will actually begin to repair and rebuild. By taking this approach, you are taking steps to learn to maintain this balance in the days, weeks, and months that follow.

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